Making Durable and Secure Credentials Using Desktop ID Card Printers

Most people would think that only governments and states should have special preference for durable and secure credentials. Therefore, what comes to their minds when ID card printers are mentioned are spacious rooms in which ID cards and driving licenses are turned out in their masses. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be the case. For further information, Avon Security has online resources available on their website.

Corporate establishments can still use desktops to produce ID cards for their employees. Moreover, they don’t have to be less secure or durable than those issued by government authorities. You don’t even have to replace your ordinary ID card printers with more sophisticated ones.

Advanced Materials

There are several different options for advanced materials for making ID cards. They include materials made up of a combination of Teslin and polyester which enables them to have a longer lifespan. In addition, they have more security with better resistance to counterfeiting. Keep in mind that there are various other options for enhancing the security of the cards, including utilizing different holograms, inks, designs and texts which can be inserted deep inside the card with the aim of making the job of anyone who tries to alter or tamper unfruitful.

Pre-printing Options

The materials you pick will determine the options for pre-printing. For instance, you can pre-print certain elements of security on a PVC card which is plain and then personalize it by including other data such as biographical information when the time for issuing it comes. In order to frustrate any attempts at changing of the personalization, you can always use an overlay laminate.

With advanced card materials, however, there are different options for protection against alteration. You can, for example, make card blanks and insert important data and security deep into the cards layers. You will at the end have a more durable and the same time secure card even before lamination.

Remember, laminating materials equipped with a hologram serve to enhance the security of the card. Pairing ID card printers with laminators enables easy personalization in the sense that lamination and insertion of biographical information deep into the card simultaneously. However, the main benefit of the use of advanced materials such as composite cards lies in the durability of the card although polycarbonate materials have a longer lifespan.


The use of ID card printers to produce polycarbonate IDs has gained popularity with governments. However, the corporate world is yet to embrace it fully, especially due to the requirement of sophisticated equipment and complexity of the process. Keep in mind that you may need laser engraving ID card printers which are far more expensive than the ordinary ones. If you would like, however, to make tampering and counterfeiting even more difficult and attain better personalization, you will be happy to meet the extra costs. For further information, Avon Security has online resources available on their website.

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