What to look for when buying lanyards


Lanyards are a great way to add convenience while at the work place. These products allow your badge to be viewable at all times and easily accessible. Though they are great to have for work, choosing the wrong holder can cause you to be inconvenienced instead of making your work day smoother. To make sure you choose the right badge holder view the tips below.


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these badge holders. Some can be very expensive. One of the first steps in choosing a holder is determine your budget. Once you have a budget set then the next step should be to filter lanyards that are appropriate for your job.


There are a variety of lengths available when it comes to a badge holder. It is important to know what your badge holder will allow you to do. If you need for your holder to help you gain entrance into the building or certain area at work then it is important to make sure that the lanyard gives you ample amount of length to gain entrance. A holder that is too short will cause you much inconvenience when trying to swipe your badge.


Once you understand the link that is needed from your badge holder, it is time to pick a style. Some of these products can be placed around your neck while others are able to be clipped to your clothing. Both styles allow you convenience because the lanyards that are able to clip to your clothing have the ability to be stretched and retracted. Some people prefer to purchase a holder that goes around the neck area because it allows them to hang his or her badge from the review mirror in the car. This can prevent a person from forgetting his or her badge at home.

Color and design

Now that you have determined the price, length and style you can have a little fun. These products come in a variety of colors and designs. If you a have a favorite color then this will possibly be the easiest choice for you to make. In addition to colors, badge holders can come in a number of themes such as breast cancer awareness or even red, white, and blue for Independence Day.

With the above tips you will find it easy to filter through badge holders that best suits your needs and taste. With the perfect lanyard you will be able to move throughout your work building with no problem while also making a fashion statement.

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